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Kompania: Kosova Resource
Data e mbylljes: 30-10-2013
Vendi: Prishtinė
Kosova Resource has assisted 501 Kosovo citizens find employment in the Middle East!

Kosova Resource is dedicated the proposition that the most valuable resource in the Republic of Kosovo is the people of Kosovo.

Open position for Middle East
1.Crane Operator
3.Fuel Handler
4.HAZMAT Coordinator
5.Heavy Equipment Mechanic
6.Heavy Equipment Operator   
7.RTCH/MHE Mechanic

General Requirements for all positions
1.English Language Testing (No Cost)
a.Written English Test
b.Simple Oral English Test related to specific position of application
2.Letter from Court attesting applicant has no criminal convictions or is not under investigation. (Paid by applicant direct to court)
3.Medical Screening (Paid by applicant to medical facility of applicant's choice)
a.Physical Examination to include chest x-ray
b.Up to date Immunizations
c.Negative tests for HIV and HEP A, B, and C
4.Required Job Experience for specific position
a.Can be verified by certificates of training or letters from previous employers
b.Interviews with former employers may be arranged
5.Ability to obtain any required visas for location of employment

By submitting documents to Kosova Resource through this site, you are authorizing us to submit your employment application to interested parties outside and inside of Kosovo for consideration for possible employment.

Additionally, by submitting the attached forms, you authorize Kosova Resource to make inquiries to validate the information you have submitted.  Validation processes may include:
1.Requirement to take an oral or written English test to verify language skills.
2.Requesting documents to validate certifications and qualifications.
3.Authorizing Kosova Resource to contact previous or current employers.
4.Requiring documents from the appropriate authorities attesting the applicant is not under investigation or does not have a criminal record.

To apply for consideration and application to various download the Kosova Resource Data Sheet and the Kosova Resource Employment Application Form at the links below and follow either of the below options.

Option 1:
Kovosa Resource Data Sheet - PDF File
Kosova Resource Employment Application Form - PDF File
Complete the forms, to include signature and date.   Scan the pages and name them according to the below formats:
Kosova Resource Data Sheet - DatasheetLastNameFirstName.pdf
Kosova Resoure Employment Application form - ApplicationLastNameFirstName.pdf
Submit the forms by email to:  Recruiting@kosovaresource.com

Option 2:

If you are unable to print and scan, use the links below to download Word documents.  You can complete the Word documents and then use the "Save As" function to convert to PDF files.  Send them to the same e-mail Recruiting@kosovaresource.com.

Kovosa Resource Data Sheet - Word File
Kosova Resource Employment Application Form - Word File
Additional Requirements:  Along with the documents described above, the applicant must also send the following:

1.Full and accurate CV
2.Copy of Kosovo Passport
3.Verification of Education or Training (Diploma, Training Certificates, etc...)
4.Verification of Prior Employment in the position for which applicant is applying


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