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We are looking for evaluators for gas station visits.
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As an Evaluator —our in-house name for our “Mystery Shoppers”—you have a big responsibility. You get to show leading brands exactly what their customers experience every day. You get to tell them how good their service is (or isn’t). And you get to share your personal thoughts on how they can do better to make people like you happy.

Best of all? You get paid to do the kinds of things you’re already doing every day! We’re talking about going shopping, comparing brands, and making gut-level choices about what to buy— and what to leave on the shelf.

Here’s what we look for in an Evaluator:

  • You love to shop
  • You love to give feedback
  • You are an outspoken person
  • You have an eye for detail
  • You adapt to any situation
  • You feel comfortable in both quick-service restaurants and luxury boutiques
  • You love adventure

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