Procurement of IT equipment

  1. Publication reference


  1. Procedure

National competitive bidding

  1. Project title and description

       The Ministry of Education, Technology, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Kosovo[*] (hereinafter called “Recipient”) has received financing from KfW Development Bank (“KfW”) in the form of a financial contribution (hereinafter called grant) toward the cost of the Kosovo Challenge Fund project. The Kosovo Challenge Fund (the “KCF”) is a distinct facility set up to strengthen the labour market relevance of vocational training (VET) particularly through support to VET projects that are jointly implemented by vocational training institutes and partner enterprises (cooperative training approach) in the Republic of Kosovo*.

      The Recipient now intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this grant to eligible payments under the contract for which this Tender Notice is issued.

  1. Project Executing Agency (PEA)

       The Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation of the Republic of Kosovo, with its address at Agim Ramadani Str. 325, Prishtina, Kosovo, represented by IPC, Internationale Project Consult GmbH (on behalf of the Consortium IPC-PLANCO-swisscontact-KPMG) as the Implementation Consultant


  1. Nature of contract


  1. Contract description

The purpose of this contract is procurement of IT equipment for cooperative training (CT) programmes implementation. The final beneficiary of the equipment is ProEd Academy – Prishtina, Kosovo. The equipment should be delivered, unpacked and handed over to the client representative.

A complete set of bidding documents is available for download free of charge to interested Bidders from the website:

  1. Number and titles of lots

Lot 1 – Procurement IT equipment


  1. Eligibility

Consulting Services, Works, Goods, Plant and Non-Consulting Services are eligible for KfW financing regardless of the country of origin of the Contractors (including Subcontractors and suppliers for the execution of the Contract), except where an international embargo or sanction by the United Nations, the European Union or the German Government applies.

  1. Exclusion criteria

Applicants/Bidders shall not be awarded a KfW-financed Contract if, on the date of submission of their Application/Offer or on the intended date of Award of Contract, they are in any of situations described in Declaration of Undertaking (Ref: KfW Guidelines for Procurement):

  1. Conflict of Interest

Applicants/Bidders shall be disqualified in a procurement process if they in any of situations given under point 1.3.3 of KfW Guidelines for Procurement.


  1. Provisional commencement date of the contract

      April/May 2024

  1. Initial period of implementation of tasks

120 days from the commencement date of the contract. The contractor will be informed on the commencement date by an administrative order issued by the PEA, at the latest within 3 months from the date of signature of the contract by both parties.


  1. Deadline for receipt of bids

The bidders’ attention is drawn to the fact that there are two different systems for sending bids: one is by post or private mail service, the other is by hand delivery.

In both cases, the bids must be received before the date and time limit for submission.

Bids must be duly completed and received by the PEA on or before 4th March 2024 at 14:00h CET.

Any bid received to the PEA after this deadline will not be considered.

The PEA may, for reasons of administrative efficiency, reject any bid submitted on time to the postal service but received, for any reason beyond the PEA’s control, after the effective date of approval of the Offers Evaluation Report, if accepting bids that were submitted on time but arrived late would considerably delay the evaluation procedure or jeopardise decisions already taken and notified.

  1. How bids may be submitted

The bidder shall prepare the package containing the original bid in a sealed envelope marked “ORIGINAL”, and one copy in sealed envelope marked “COPY”, stating the reference number of the tender notice, name and address of the PEA and the words “Not to be opened before the official public session for the opening of bids” and equivalent in local language “Ne otvarati prije zvaničnog sastanka za javno otvaranje ponuda”.

  • EITHER by post or by courier service to:

The Ministry of Education, Technology, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Kosovo

Represented by the Fund Management Unit of the Kosovo Challenge Fund

Trg Božane Vučinić 10/II, floor no. 2, ap. no. 5

81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Phone: +382 (0) 67 400 215 (for courrier purpose only)

  • OR hand delivered by the candidate in person or by an agent directly to the premises of the PEA in return for a signed and dated receipt, in which case the evidence shall be constituted by this acknowledgement of receipt, to:

The Ministry of Education, Technology, Science and Innovation of the Republic of Kosovo

Represented by the Fund Management Unit of the Kosovo Challenge Fund

Trg Božane Vučinić 10/II, floor no. 2, ap. no. 5

81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

Phone: +382 (0) 67 400 215 (for courrier purpose only)

Please note that the opening hours of the FMU are 08:00-14:00h.

The contract title and the publication reference (see item 1 above) must be clearly marked on the envelope containing the bid and must always be mentioned in all subsequent correspondence with the PEA.

Bids submitted by any other means or to any other addresses will not be considered. Bids which are not sealed or are incomplete shall not be considered.

By submitting a bid, candidates accept to receive notification of the outcome of the procedure by electronic means. Such notification shall be deemed to have been received on the date upon which the PEA sends it to the electronic address referred to in the bid.

  1. Alteration or withdrawal of bids

Candidates may alter or withdraw their bids by written notification prior to the deadline for submission of bids. No bid may be altered after this deadline.

The outer envelope (and the relevant inner envelope if used) must be marked ‘Alteration’ or ‘Withdrawal’ as appropriate.

  1. Tender opening session

Tenders will be opened in a public session on 4th March 2024 at 14:15h CET, at the address Trg Božane Vučinić, 10/II, floor no. 2, apartment no. 5, 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro, in the presence of tenderers’ representatives who choose to attend. Written authorizations must be enclosed.

  1. Validity of offers

120 days after submission deadline.

  1. Bid security

A bid security is not required.

  1. Operational language

All written communications for this procurement procedure and contract must be in English. 

  1. Additional information

Clarifications may be sought from PEA at the following e-mail address [email protected] at the latest 21 calendar days before the deadline for submission of bids.

    Clarifications will be published on the Kosovo Challenge Fund website at the latest 10 calendar days before the deadline for submission of bids.

* * *

[*] This designation is without prejudice to positions on status and is in line with UNSCR 1244/1999 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence.




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