Dear Sir/Madam,

As part of the above project/programme, we are pleased to invite your company to tender for providing the above-mentioned goods as per the quantities and technical specifications described herein.

This Tender Dossier (TD) consists of:

  • This letter of invitation to tender, which contains the instructions for tenderers;
  • The administrative and technical compliance criteria;
  • The payment schedule;
  • The technical specifications and quantities of goods to supply;
  • The model documents, including the model bill of prices to use and a model of the contract with its appendices.

General information about the tender:

The performance period is 4 months (3 months for the acquisition and installation of substation + 1 month for approval and certification from KEDS starting on the date stipulated in the “commencement order” issued by the supervisor designated in the contract (see art. 3.2 of the general conditions of the contract).

The terms of delivery are Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) to the ICT Centre in Pristina.

The contract is a unit price contract, where prices are fixed and not open to review. The prices do not include taxes and customs duties (see article 3.1 of the special conditions of the contract).

This tender is composed of a single lot.

Subcontracting is not allowed.

Submitting and opening the tender documents:

The Tender Dossier, Bill of Quantities, and the Electro energetic Plan prepared by KEDS can be downloaded on the link shown below:

Submitting and opening the tender documents:

Your tender should be submitted in a sealed envelope bearing only the words “not to be opened before 24.03.2023” and the reference KSV/020 • 23 5701.

The tenders (1 original and 1 copy) must reach the following address no later than 11:00 (local time) on 24.03.2023:

Project KSV/020
Str. Agim Ramadani NN,
Ministry of Education, Science, Technology, and Innovation,
3rd floor, office no. 307 10000 Pristina, Republic of Kosovo

Requests for clarifications are to be made in writing at latest eight days before the deadline for submitting the tenders. The contracting authority will reply no later than four days before the tender submission deadline.

The language of the contract is English and the currency of the contract is Euro.

Tenderers are bound by their tenders for a period of 90 days following the deadline for submission.

The tenders will be opened in public immediately after the deadline date and hour for submission of tenders mentioned above. The tenderers’ names and proposed prices will be announced and the presence of the main required documents will be ascertained during the opening session.

Evaluation and comparison of the tenders:

After the opening session, the tenders will first be reviewed by an evaluation committee in closed session not open to the public to verify the administrative compliance of the tenders and the presence of all required documents. The evaluation committee will deny or confirm the findings made during the opening session. Incomplete or administratively non-compliant tenders may be rejected by the evaluation committee.

Next, the evaluation committee will verify the technical compliance of the tenders. This committee will possess all the technical expertise required to give an informed opinion of the tenders. Tenders that are evaluated as technically not substantially compliant against the technical evaluation criteria will not be considered for award of the contract.

The evaluation criteria are strictly limited to those given in the administrative and technical compliance grids annexed to this TD.

The tenders that are deemed compliant shall be checked for possible arithmetical errors in the computations and totals. If there is a contradiction between a unit price and the total amount obtained by multiplying this unit price by the quantity, the unit price indicated in the tender shall be retained, unless the evaluation committee concludes that there is an obvious mistake in the unit price, in which case the total amount stipulated in the tender shall be retained. All arithmetical errors will be corrected by the evaluation committee without causing the tender in question to be rejected.

Contract award:

The contract will be awarded, to the tenderer who has submitted the lowest administratively compliant and technically substantially compliant tender.

As a reminder, only the shortlisted entities that have additionally met the criteria included in the statement of good standing and in the ethics clauses of the GR may participate in this call for tenders.

Negotiation is allowed under this tender procedure.

The evaluation committee may, if it deems necessary, enter into negotiations with (i) the sole tenderer that has submitted an offer, or (ii) the tenderer that, under the terms of the TD, has submitted the highest ranked offer, or (iii) tenderers that have submitted tenders which are substantially compliant and economically most advantageous provided that there are no fully compliant and economically advantageous offers, and without fundamentally amending the initial provisions of the contract and in accordance with the principle of treating economic operators on equal terms.

All the tenderers will be notified in writing of the results of the award.

This contract does not include the acquisition of any complementary or additional goods/services. In the event where the acquisition of complementary or additional goods/services (initially not included) is required, its value will be limited to a maximum of 50% of the initial contract amount.

For anything that is not expressly specified in the TD, the tendering procedure and the contract are governed by the GR and general conditions for goods contracts financed by the contributions of the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg or other donors and for which the Luxembourg Agency for development Cooperation (Lux-Development) acts as awarding authority. These documents are not included in this TD but can be obtained on request or consulted on Lux-Development’s website:

Yours faithfully,

Daniele Cristian Passalacqua

Chief Technical Adviser

For environmental reasons, LuxDev encourages its partners and contractors to prefer double-sided printing in black and white and small-sized fonts and the use of recycled paper.


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